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How Hot New Apps Are Changing the Dating Game

How Hot New Apps Are Changing the Dating Game

With close to 4,000 online dating businesses in the market (including 19-year-old pioneer Match, with nearly 2 million dues-paying members) and industry revenues growing at a modest 3.5 percent annually, startup-minded entrepreneurs might not think online dating sounds like a match made in heaven for them.

Then again, the industry pulls in an eye-opening $2 billion a year, Cairns free hookup dating sites according to market research firm IBISWorld. What smart entrepreneur wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

Add in the opportunity to innovate with smartphone dating apps, and it’s easy to see why a new wave of entrepreneurs hopes they can beat the established firms to the next dating bonanza.

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One new dating app that’s getting a lot of buzz is Tinder. This app presents users with photos of prospective matches found on Facebook and lets them signal interest-or lack thereof-with a simple and demonstrative swipe. A swipe to the right is a thumbs-up; left means better luck next time. This free app is available for Android and iPhone devices and requires a Facebook account.

Lulu is another Facebook-centric app, but for females only. Users can post written descriptions of male friends-sort of like a Yelp for men. The reviewees may be guys they know on Facebook or men who’ve downloaded the Lulu app in hopes of getting positive reviews.

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